Music Lessons


Just a bit about me: I’ve been studying and performing music my whole life. I was taking piano lessons at 4 years old, and began trombone in the 6th grade school band. I started private drum lessons in the 7th grade and studied drums and percussion through high school and college and then went to MI (Musicians Institute in Hollywood) where I graduated with honors. After a “short 20 year” stint out on the road touring around the world as a drummer, singer, and guitarist/songwriter it was finally time to come home to Santa Barbara.
I’ve been teaching in Santa Barbara since 2001 and continue to perform live in the area : )
My goal with each and every lesson is to encourage, inspire, and pass on information. We play songs together, learn new techniques, chords, rhythms, and scales. One of the most important things I learned early on is how to learn at a “neurological” speed (simply put: going so slowly that our body has time to learn the movement). It’s a very low stress, easy, “can-do” approach to learning and I’ve had great success with lots and lots of happy students over the years.