Band Rehearsal Studio

We offer several options at our Band Rehearsal Studio in downtown Santa Barbara. Each studio room has been treated for optimal sound.

You can either ‘lockout’ a room for your band’s exclusive use, or rent by the hour with our fully stocked studios. Bands, drummers, singer/songwriters, and even tuba payers will find it a happy and inspiring place to be.

We are happy to have helped so many amazing musicians and bands throughout the years, and look forward to continue providing this amazing and necessary service to our friends, colleagues, and professional touring acts.

The hourly studios include: Full drum set with cymbals, several guitar amps, bass amp, full PA with mics-stands-cables, music stands, folding chairs, and…AC !!!

We offer different payment and booking options, depending on your needs.

Please contact us and we will be happy to accommodate your musical needs.

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