DRUM-OLOGY LEVEL 1 For total beginners and intermediate players who want to get all of the basics. We start with how to hold the sticks, notes and rests, and reading music. Then we move on to styles like Rock, Blues, Shuffle, and Jazz. And finally you’ll learn drum fills and snare drum rudiments. Once you’ve studied this book you’ll be ready to jam with your friends and play in your school band.

DRUM-OLOGY LEVEL 2 This intermediate drum set method takes you several steps higher. You’ll learn relevant Music theory; more advanced reading and interpretation; new styles like Mambo & Bossa Nova; plus several real world examples of drum fills. Level 2 prepares you for pro playing, college reading, etc. BUY HERE

DRUM-OLOGY LEVEL 3 My advanced drum set method! Here we have “the icing on the cake”. Advanced concepts like setting up figures, odd time signatures, and trading 4’s. Plus Latin styles like Samba, Mambo, Rumba! And finally some really great pages on reading, “licks n trix”, and much much more.  BUY HERE    


GUITAR-OLOGY Guitar playing can be fun and easy…if you have the right technique. The very first thing we talk about is how LITTLE effort it actually takes to get a good tone. From there you’ll learn all about all of the different parts of the guitar, your basic notes (and how to use those to play almost every song you’ll ever want to play), and of course chords & scales. The 2nd half of the book covers how to read music, starting from the easiest single notes, and progressing to a decent intermediate level. BUY HERE






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