Music Lessons

Private one-on-one music lessons for Drums, Guitar, Bass and Trombone.

Students are introduced to their instruments in a fun and understandable way. Technique, music theory, and reading are taught through song form, which creates a strong foundation and love for music.

Our motto is: “Having fun while getting the job done”.

Drum set:
Follow my 3-level drum method (called Drum-ology) to pursue your dream of becoming a great drummer. We start from the very beginning and go through a very methodical, fun, and practical approach that is time tested.
You will learn to read drum music, play songs, and write your own chart to learn with ease.  

Guitar (Acoustic & Electric):
From the very first lesson the focus is on developing a relaxed technique. With my method you never “play ‘till your fingers bleed’, quite the opposite…it’s just fun fun fun. Through songs, reading, and playing along with my guitar method (Guitar-ology) we begin the process of developing your “musical ear”. As we are doing this we start adding songs that YOU want to learn. I find this a great way to inspire and to show WHY we practice technique and theory so much.

Bass players rule ! What else can I say, it’s all about the bass. Becoming a solid bass player is all about practicing classic bass lines, working on an effortless relaxed grip, and developing right hand techniques like 2-finger, pick, and slapping.  You owe it to the world to follow your desire to play bass…we need you to complete the band.

I’ve been playing Trombone since the 6th grade. It’s a fun, challenging, and fulfilling instrument.
Step one is to produce a tone, a fairly simple and pain free method. From there we start to increase our range and endurance. I combine several different methods, reading exercises, and improvisational backing tracks to make it fun and enjoyable. 

Contact me to set you up for success and fun!!!