Music Lessons

I have been teaching private music lessons since the age of 17 when my drum teacher announced that he was “going on the road and leaving you all of my students”.  When I asked him what to teach he simply replied “teach what you know”. I’ve been teaching ever since.

I write and publish my own method books for my lessons. This gives us a path and reference material so that I can structure the lessons to fit each individuals needs, goals, etc.

My main objectives are:
1. Basic knowledge and good habits (physically, and study wise).
2. Learning songs, scales, chords, techniques.
3. Follow each individual’s dream, goal, inspiration of each.

The best compliment that parents give me is how much their kids are enjoying their lessons, and how much progress they are making. No matter how many times I hear that, it makes my day every time !!!

Follow my 3 level drum method (called Drumology) to achieve your dream of being a great drummer. We start from the very beginning, and go through a very methodical, fun, and practical approach.
You’ll learn reading, technique, learning songs, and drum solos !!!!

GUITAR (acoustic & electric):
From the very first lesson the focus is on “how much pressure do you actually need to play this note” (answer: not as much as you thought).
It’s all about good, relaxed technique.
From there we learn songs, chords, scales, solos, and again we follow the desire of each individual.
With my method you never “play ‘till your fingers bleed”, quite the opposite. In our case “easy does it” is the key to success !!

My bass method focuses on relaxed technique, groove, and locking in with the drummer. We cover basic notes, then move on to scales, arpeggios, common “walking bass lines”, slap & pop styles, and of course playing lots of different songs.

The trombone has been a part of my life from the 6th grade and on !
We’ll start by getting a good tone, and then move right into playing simple fun melodies and “chop builders”. As we develop your stamina we’ll keep adding more and more notes, songs, duets, etc.
You will not only learn to read notes, but also to play by ear and improvise !!!

Feel free to give me a call or text today to set up a time for a lesson.


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